Many of our projects could easily fall into multiple categories, but for the ease of navigation, here's where they make the largest impacts. We're working on Robotics, Peer-to-Peer, Privacy, Advanced Sensor Applications, Smaller Projects, TiddlyWiki, Visual and Video Projects. To view all of our projects on one page, click here.
Robotics Projects

Included here are the robots (Robbie!) as well as pieces that can be used on or in conjunction with the robots

Robbie Roybut


The robot himself.

Robbie is a remotely-controlled robot capable of capturing and broadcasting 360° photographs and video.

He's ideal for maintaining a remote telepresence, inspections, and virtual tourism.

Come see our YouTube channel for videos that Robbie has taken in his travels.


An open source motor controller.

I like big bots and I can not lie.

A sensor fusion solution designed to run on inexpensive hardware using minimal power. Used for autonomous robot navigation and in computer peripherals.

A combination of Sir Mix-a-Bot, MCRobbie and other navigation and obstacle avoidance components on a single controller.

RobBoss is a cross-platform application for controlling robotics on iOS, Android, OSx, Windows, and Linux.

RobBoss is the default interface for controlling Robbie (our robot). So far we have versions for iOS, Android, and on desktops using NWjs.

Distributed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Projects

Redundancy and distribution are important concepts in networks. If one node goes down and there's nothing to take its place, services and availability suffer. This is as important for personal resources as it is for corporate ones.

Currently in the prototype stage.

A completely distributed social network based on p2p technology.

A small inexpensive personal server designed so that you can carry it with you.

Privacy Projects

While there are few ways to ensure complete privacy, we're working on ways to help information management along.

A project in development. More to come.

A personal assistant for people who have problems with executive dysfunction.

Sensor Projects

Seeing things in a new way.

An inexpensive and very accurate range finding solution that does not require line of sight.

This project had us develop electronics in order to measure and map the biometrics of Olympic and Olympic hopeful athletes. To visualize and analyze the movements and biometric, a high-speed camera captured the stream of data shown in light and colour by GE LEDs attached to biosensors affixed to the athletes. Click the button below to load the video.

Presented as part of GE Lighting's Sport and Light: A Study in Performance.

Small Projects

Simple javascript based music synthesis.

A simple version of augmented reality (this one is not yet aware of its environment).

Tools for controlling cameras using LANC made using Arduino-compatible controllers.

An upcoming project!

A simple free and open source application for reading eBooks. Includes an RSVP reader and text to speech features.

Discordian Tarot Deck

A simple automated in-browser tarot reader created as part of AndMyAxe.

Try it out (opens in a new window).

A simple utility for sharing the same keyboard and mouse input between different computers.

TiddlyWiki Projects

TiddlyWiki is a single page application wiki that has everything you need to fire up a personal notebook or an entire wiki.

A plugin that add multi-user capability to TiddlyWiki.

A fully distributed social network using TiddlyWiki.

An interface to control Robbie using TiddlyWiki..

Visual Projects

Video controls and robotic viewpoints.

See what Robbie sees! An application to allow you to see through the eyes of robots.

A 360° video player for use in iOS.

A 360° video player for browser usage. To reload inner page, click here. (This one isn't calibrated for mobile or tablet browsers .)

Control what you're seeing on the iOS and Browser-based 360° Video Players.

A system for converting 16mm film into high quality (4k or better) digital video.

About OokTech

An ethically-minded engineering company, we design, create, and fabricate products and software from thought to finish.

We have worked with The American University of Paris and General Electric on projects and demonstrations and we work collaboratively with groups when opportunities arise. Current partners include AndMyAxe, ElenQ, Big Dada, KB Productions, and TiddlyWiki.


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