Many of our projects could easily fall into multiple categories, but for the ease of navigation, here's where they make the largest impacts. We're working on Robotics, Peer-to-Peer, Privacy, Advanced Sensor Applications, Smaller Projects, TiddlyWiki, Visual and Video Projects. To view all of our projects on one page, click here.
Visual Projects

Video controls and robotic viewpoints.

See what Robbie sees! An application to allow you to see through the eyes of robots.

A 360° video player for use in iOS.

A 360° video player for browser usage. To reload inner page, click here. (This one isn't calibrated for mobile or tablet browsers .)

Control what you're seeing on the iOS and Browser-based 360° Video Players.

A system for converting 16mm film into high quality (4k or better) digital video.

About OokTech

An ethically-minded engineering company, we design, create, and fabricate products and software from thought to finish.

We have worked with The American University of Paris and General Electric on projects and demonstrations and we work collaboratively with groups when opportunities arise. Current partners include AndMyAxe, ElenQ, Big Dada, KB Productions, and TiddlyWiki.


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