Many of our projects could easily fall into multiple categories, but for the ease of navigation, here's where they make the largest impacts. We're working on Robotics, Peer-to-Peer, Privacy, Advanced Sensor Applications, Smaller Projects, TiddlyWiki, Visual and Video Projects. To view all of our projects on one page, click here.
Sensor Projects

Seeing things in a new way.

An inexpensive and very accurate range finding solution that does not require line of sight.

This project had us develop electronics in order to measure and map the biometrics of Olympic and Olympic hopeful athletes. To visualize and analyze the movements and biometric, a high-speed camera captured the stream of data shown in light and colour by GE LEDs attached to biosensors affixed to the athletes. Click the button below to load the video.

Presented as part of GE Lighting's Sport and Light: A Study in Performance.

About OokTech

An ethically-minded engineering company, we design, create, and fabricate products and software from thought to finish.

We have worked with The American University of Paris and General Electric on projects and demonstrations and we work collaboratively with groups when opportunities arise. Current partners include AndMyAxe, ElenQ, Big Dada, KB Productions, and TiddlyWiki.


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